India Lithograph QV 1854 SG21b 4a Blue & Bright Red - Flaws FU CV£3250+
Fine Indian Philately

India Lithograph QV 1854 SG21b 4a Blue & Bright Red - Flaws FU CV£3250+

Rare single example with huge left margin and elements of wavy blue lines – 3rd Printing Head Die IIIA [Guaranteed - Note missing front line to crown so not newly engraved Head Die III wrongly stated on accompanying Brandon 1997 certificate - Minor blue flaws solid square stars 1st and 3rd jewels, distinct Y end comma with primary Head Die characteristic two parallel curves to right, and non characteristic three pronged motif directly above) - Frame Die I [ Jatia confirmed flaw 2 based on red flaw left leg of A in INDIA & retouched pearls below with red flaw inner white line below right leg of A & small red flaw in white line NW of 1st I of INDIA] – Wide spacing/setting watermark position 10 - What is remarkable about this stamp is that both head die and frame die flaws are exactly the same combination of stones and even sheet position as the example of Head Die IIIA pictured on Plate 1 (The Four Annas Lithographed Stamps of India, 1854-55 Martin D.R., Col: & E. A. Smythies: 1930 (Reprint Ed 1996 pp50)). Remarkable, as there are many interchangable stone combinations possible on this printing, and this example like the Head Die IIIA illustrated (that is not entirely characteristic) are the exact same sheet position 10 combination!!

4 margins (1 huge with wavy blue line) quite fresh overall attractive condition

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