India QV Cover 1867 Calcutta – Meerut SG55 ½a Blue Rare Blue PM B-1 FU
Fine Indian Philately

India QV Cover 1867 Calcutta Meerut SG55 a Blue Rare Blue PM B-1 FU

Folding Letter Charles Nephew & Co header originally written 1st January 1867 with earlier De La Rue stamp Very scarce (Rare on cover in deep blue ink) PM type 7 (JC variation d) Subtype not a duplex with only 3 complete and single part octagonal - long letter-numeral separation bar Larger clunky B (like 13) and long numeral with serif Separate greenish-blue shade PM sent from Calcutta (3)rd? January 1867 Arrived Meerut UP (9)th January Redirected via large red triangular sorting Lahore 10th January Arrived Peshawar NWF (Modern Pakistan) 12th January Redirected again to Meean Meer (Mian Mir, Mianmir near Lahore) arrived 18th January 1867 Finally reaching recipient 22nd January

Cover fair to fine mostly intact some folding Stamp fine overall condition

₹27,225.00 / $374.00
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