India QV Pt Cover 1866 Needamungalum Taluk Tappal (2) SG55 ½a (10) Rare PM D-696 US/GU
Fine Indian Philately

India QV Pt Cover 1866 Needamungalum Taluk Tappal (2) SG55 a (10) Rare PM D-696 US/GU

Ex-Topaz Collection 2014 Feldman lot 20377 - Part cover (back only) with ten earlier De La Rue printing stamps pale shade Die I some with watermark elephant some possibly without? Very rare instance of two Tanjore Taluk Tappel PMs coupled with very scarce triangular PM (ten instances!) type 29 (JC-MN) subtype with dashed parallel lines within - In use Madras postal sub-regions in smaller POs This example is the highest number ever recorded (Cooper notes only 461) by Martin (Numbers in Early Indian Cancellations 1855-1884 Martin D.R., Col.: pp144: 1970 p.112) and one a few allocated to any PO D-696 Needamungalum ((Nidamangalam near Tanjavur TN) its usual number allocation being C-220, possibly the earliest recorded date July 1866, and probably this instance is the actual one used by Martin! Two Rare instances of Tanjore Talak Tapel place above not recorded by Cooper he recorded 5 places (Early Indian Cancellations Cooper J., F.R.G.S.: pp94: 1948 p.23) Sent 29th July 1866 to unknown destination. Additional provenance: Even Renouf 1919 wrotes a small paragraph on this actual item in relationship to use in Tanjore and Tallok Tapal's Early Indian Cancellations and Postmarks 1852-1884 Renouf W., I.C.S. : pp72 : 1919)

Cover partial few holes see scan Stamps mainly with damage

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